Izohan Izohan Izohan Izohan Izohan
  • Description
    SBS-modified fast-drying priming solution
  • Consumption
    approx. 0.2 l/m2
  • Temperature of use
    from +5 °C up to +25 °C
  • Drying time
    up to 30 min.
  • Available packages
    5 l, 20 l
Priming substrates beneath asphalt and asphalt-polymer membranes, heat-welded and self-adhesive ones; particularly useful for priming substrates beneath modified membranes; when applied in multiple coats can be used as damp proofing and protection of earth-sheltered wooden and metal elements.
SBS-modified; fast-drying; perfect penetration into insulated surfaces; protects concrete against damp and corrosion; very good adhesion to mineral substrates; easy and quick in use (ready-to-use); can be applied with a paint brush or a roofing brush.
Mix of asphalts , solvents, fillers, SBS and other improvers

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